EULAR PARE Working Groups

At the EULAR Standing Committee of People with Arthritis/Rheumatism in Europe (PARE) meeting in June 2017 in Madrid, a new working mode for PARE was approved. With this working mode, the PARE Board would like to make it possible that more volunteers grow into the work of PARE.

Nominations are sought by Wednesday 10 January 2018 for interested people to join the following working groups. Please read the working group information sheets carefully and use this nomination form. People may be nominated for more than one working group.

PARE Working Groups

Who can apply to become a Working Group member?

People eligible to be nominated are people with RMDs from EULAR member organisations of PARE, or organisations co-opted to the Standing Committee of PARE. One seat in each working group is open for either a caregiver / parent / or a person from a non-EULAR member organisation / co-opted to the Standing Committee of PARE. This person however cannot be entitled to a board position.

Nominations and Terms for Working Group

  • National Member Organisations (NMOs) and co-opted organisations to the Standing Committee of PARE nominate members for Working Groups, taking into account the task / role descriptions and needed skills.
  • The selection of people into the working groups will be done by the PARE Board and the Core Group.
  • Volunteers serve a term of 2 years in a Working Group. It is possible to prolong the position for another two years.
  • After a maximum of four years, the volunteer either resigns or is a candidate for the position of Working Group Leader (see later). It is possible to volunteer for another working group, although the appointment of new people is preferred.
  • In case of a lack of volunteers, working group members might stay in their position for a longer time, until a new volunteer is found. In case of a dispute, disagreement or discussion, the Core Group has the final word.

PARE Board members

PARE Board Members can only be selected from the leaders of the Working Groups.  Currently, the board members are the leaders of the working groups.

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