Welcome to the EULAR Young PARE website.

Young PARE is a working group of the EULAR Standing Committee of patients with arthritis and rheumatism in Europe (PARE). Young PARE’s mission is to communicate the needs of young people, aged 18 to 35, with rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases (RMDs) across Europe.

Young PARE gathers and shares information about the way that young people with RMDs are supported in European countries. They explore the needs, challenges, preferences and priorities of young people with RMDs and the organisations which represent them.

In many European countries, there are a number of unmet needs for young people with RMDs. They may feel alone and misunderstood. To make these young people feel less alone, youth groups and youth representatives can actively empower young people with RMDs. They can do this by organising activities that bring young people together, and lobbying for better access to healthcare, education, housing, social life and work.

If you are an active volunteer of a youth organisation, or have connections to young people with RMDs, please get in touch with us, as together, we can help to make a difference.

This webpage is supported by EULAR, the European League Against Rheumatism.